Infolog stack trace

download (7K) | This is an extension allowing to see stacktrace for each infolog item.


  • import Dev_StackTrace.xpo
  • recompile
  • add the following code to the \Classes\Info\add:

// RPT DevTools bmi 060915 --->
if(hasSecuritykeyAccess(securityKeyNum(AdminMisc), AccessType::Edit))
_sysInfoAction = new SysInfoAction_StackTrace(_txt, xSession::xppCallStack(), _sysInfoAction);
// RPT DevTools bmi 060915 <---
  • compile the info class


When infolog record is outputed this extension adds an action to it
named “Stack trace” (it is only for users with admin rights). Just
press the button and see stack trace.

If the record has an action already, you can see stacktrace by holding Ctrl button while clicking on the action button.


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