selection of several records in a grid (Multi select)

To unnecessary code to avoid duplications, we can even with a for-loop work:
void clicked() Void clicked ()
{ (
CustTable custTable; CustTable custTable;
for (custTable = CustTable_ds.getFirst(true) ? For (custTable = CustTable_ds.getFirst (true)?
CustTable_ds.getFirst(true) : CustTable_ds.getFirst (True):
CustTable_ds.cursor(); CustTable_ds.cursor ();
custTable; CustTable;
custTable = CustTable_ds.getNext()) CustTable = CustTable_ds.getNext ())
{ (
//do something with custTable / / Do something with custTable
info(custTable.accountNum); Info (custTable.accountNum);
} )
} )

CustTable_ds.getFirst() gibt nur etwas zurück, wenn mehrere Datensätze markiert sind. CustTable_ds.getFirst () is only slightly back when several records are marked. Man kann sich also die Abfrage nach CustTable_ds.anyMarked() sparen. It is also the query () CustTable_ds.anyMarked save.


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