Read and alter registry settings in Axapta

Here is a sample code of increasing max. open cursors during run-time. But, please note that its purpose is only to show you how to read and write registry.
If you encounter any open cursors problem, it is recommended to optimize the SQL statement rather than changing the setting for maximum open cursors.
static void IncreaseMaxOpenCursors(Args _args)
container regRet;
int readReg;
int writeReg;
str keyValue, keyPath, configName;
int maxOpenCursors;
//Specify your Axapta configuration utility name here
configName = “LocalMachine“;
//New maximum open cursor, default is 90
maxOpenCursors = 120;
keyPath = @”SOFTWARE\Navision\Axapta\3.0\” + configName;
readReg  = WinAPI::regOpenKey( #HKEY_CURRENT_USER, keyPath, #KEY_READ);
if (readReg)
regRet = WinAPI::regGetValue(readReg, ‘opencursors’);
keyValue = conpeek(regRet,1);
if (str2int(keyValue) < maxOpenCursors)
writeReg  = WinAPI::regOpenKey(#HKEY_CURRENT_USER, keyPath, #KEY_WRITE);
if (writeReg)
WinAPI::regSetValueEx(writeReg, ‘opencursors‘, #REG_SZ , maxOpenCursors);
Info(“Max open cursors: ” + int2str(maxOpenCursors));

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