Create a new method in runtime

Some one may need to use codes to create or edit a method in Axapta.
Here is an example to show how to create a lookup method for a form’s field in runtime.
static void CreateFieldMethod(Args _args)

TreeNode tn1,tnAddr, methodsNode;
MemberFunction memberFunction;
str source;

//Thanks for Max Belugin’s comments,
//it is really good to use Verbatim String as well.
//The reason why I use escape characters here is
//because this line of code is copied from standard Axapta application 🙂
tn1 = infolog.findNode(

\\Forms\\Address\\Data Sources\\Address\\Fields\\AddrRecId”);

tnAddr = infolog.findNode(
\\Forms\\Address );
methodsNode = tn1.AOTfindChild( ‘Methods’ );
memberFunction = methodsNode.AOTfindChild( ‘lookup’ );
source =
@”public void lookup(FormControl _formControl, str _filterStr)
super(_formControl, _filterStr);
}” ;
memberFunction.AOTsetSource(source, false);



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